• Support Batch Conversion
  • Snapshot features for quick loading
  • Support large MBOX files tested up to 40gb
  • Support MBOX files created in different email clients
  • Support conversion of normal as well as corrupted MBOX files
  • Support conversion in PST file format along with EML, MSG, RTF & HTML


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MBOX to PST Converter

"All- in-One comprehensive windows based utility that offers speed, accuracy and authentic output with top-rated MBOX to PST converter."

MBOX to PST Converter tool is the best proven ultimate solution for converting your MBOX files into Outlook's PST. Beside conversion into PST file format this tool can save MBOX file's data to popular file formats, such as: EML, MSG, RTF and HTML. This tool works well to convert MBOX to PST even if the MBOX files are corrupted or inaccessible. It supports MBOX files which are created in any of these programs: AppleMail, OperaMail, Sylpheed, Entourage, Thunderbird, Eudora, Spicebird, etc.
The MBOX converter executes complete safe conversion of MBOX files to PST format as the original MBOX files remain intact after a successful conversion. Instead of overwriting the original files, it creates complete new file at user-specific location in user-defined format. This software is multifunctional as it enables the users to perform conversion of multiple MBOX files by selecting them one by one from system directory. In addition it runs smoothly under all major Windows operating systems with subsequent supports for MBOX files of all software programs.

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Lots of impressive features in this tool to fulfill your needs are given below:

Perform Instant conversion

Perform Instant conversion: This tool is devised to quickly scan your file and perform swift conversion of selected MBOX/MBX files into Outlook PST file format.

Handles Corruption

Handle Corruption: This converter tool employs advanced recovery algorithm to execute conversion even if the MBOX/MBX files are corrupted. It completely scans the corrupted files subsequently recovering maximum data from them in the quickest possible time.

Supports Batch Conversion

Implement Batch Conversion: By employing this tool, you can perform speedy conversion as it select numerous MBOX/MBX files at a time for converting them into Outlook PST file format along with EML, MSG, RTF and HTML format.

Enables Preview

Preview feature: The tool lets the user to preview the mailbox data items of MBOX/MBX files prior to converting them into other format. This feature comes handy if files are corrupted as you can double check the integrity of restored data.

Highly Compatible

Highly Compatible: This software is highly compatible with all major versions of Windows Operating Systems comprising Windows 98 to Windows 8 including the latest Windows 10.

wide Supportability

Wide Supportability: The tool is multifunctional as it supports MBOX/MBX files of all popular email client applications including: Thunderbird, Pocomail, AppleMail, Entourage, Spicebird, Eudora, , MozillaMail, Incredimail, OperaMail, Evolution, etc.

Export to HTML & Log Creation

Export to HTML & Log Creation: This software lets the users create a Log file at user-specific location that stores all the information of MBOX recovery and conversion All the recovered data from the MBOX files which are listed on your screen, can be exported to an HTML file.

Maintains file integrity

Maintains file integrity: This tool facilitates safe MBOX to PST conversion and does not overwrite the selected MBOX files as it keeps the original file(s) intact or unchanged.  

Simplified interface

Simplified interface: The software is an easy-to-use application for both technical and novice users. It does not require any prior technical expertise as it comes with interactive user-interface that makes it intuitive.

Saves and Loads Snapshot

Saves and Loads Snapshot: This tool facilitates saving the snapshot of MBOX files scanning process at any location on your computer drive. In addition you can also load the snapshot that was saved earlier in future to avoid re-scanning in future which saves a lot of scanning time especially in very large files.

Support Large MBOX Files

Support Large MBOX Files: This software convert multiple MBOX files of any size, i.e. up to 40 GB has been tested successfully.

Save selected Folder

Save selected Folder: With this feature users can check all the selected mailbox folders from the tree hierarchy, which they want to save.

Save in folder hierarchy

Save in folder hierarchy: This feature of MBOX to PST conversion tool enables the users to save the selected folder in hierarchy in user-specific location.

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as EML

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as EML: Other updated feature of this software lets the user to save the recovered output MBOX mailbox items as EML file format

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as MSG

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as MSG: In this updated feature the software is capable to save the resultant recovered emails in the form of MSG file format.

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as RTF

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as RTF: In this updated feature the software is capable to save the resultant recovered emails in the form of RTF file format.

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as HTML

Recovered MBOX emails Saved as HTML: This is updated feature of the MBOX recovery software to save the output of the recovered PST emails in the form of HTML file format.

Create separate or single PST

Create separate or single PST: This software gives the option to create separate PST file for each selected MBOX file or a single PST file for all selected MBOX file.

Attaching PST file to Outlook profile

Attaching PST file to Outlook profile: This tool provides a feature to effectively add the new PST file to your Outlook profile in just no time when you are converting your OLM file into PST format to make it accessible in Windows Outlook.

Automatic Update

Automatic Update: This comprehensive Windows based utilities makes the complete conversion process seamless and quick by offering up to minute software updates. Whenever the software is updated with new unique features, you will get the timely notification via email intimation. For minor updates, no need to go for any extra formality but have to register for major version upgrade.

6 Easy Steps to Show The Functionality of MBOX Converter Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Does this software support corrupted MBOX files for conversion?

Ans.Yes, the software is developed to perform conversion of corrupted and damaged MBOX files as it scans them one by one with subsequent effective conversion.

Q. Does this software support MBOX files created in Macintosh operating system?

Ans. Yes, this software support MBOX files created in different operating system like Apple mail, Thunderbird for Macintosh, along with this it support email clients of Thunderbird for windows, Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, , Netscape, Incredimail, ClawsMail, OperaMail, MozillaMail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, etc.

Q. Does this MBOX to PST converter only works with Windows based Platform?

Ans. This is comprehensive Windows based utility as this converter software is especially devised to work on windows based operating system.

Q. How to use SysInfoTools MBOX Converter tool?

Ans. SysInfoTools MBOX Converter is an easy-to-use tool that even a novice computer user can use it ease. You just need to install the software on your system and you are just ready to use it. The steps are given below which you need to follow just after the successful installation:

  • Launch SysInfoTools MBOX Converter tool on your system.
  • Click on Open > Browse and select the MBOX file (one at a time) from the system directory.
  • Now click on OK to start the scanning process of selected MBOX file. You will be prompted to click on OK when the process is completed. Once the selected file is scanned, you can add another MBOX file to the list for batch conversion.
  • Once all the selected MBOX files are successfully scanned, you can recover your emails from them and check their preview in the preview pane.
  • Now you need to select the MBOX files which you want to convert. And then click on Save.
  • Select the file format in which you want to convert your MBOX file, such as: PST, EML, MSG, RTF and HTML. If you select PST, you need to select the saving option. You can either create a new PST file for all the selected MBOX files or you can create multiple files for all the selected MBOX files to save data separately. Also, you can attach new PST file(s) to Outlook profile.
  • Click on OK to start the conversion process of the MBOX file(s). Once the saving process is completed, click on OK and close the application.

Q.Why MBOX to PST Converter is Useful for Email Users & How to send and receive emails?

Ans. In these days, email has become one of the most preferred means of communication. Being an individual or a part of an organization, we work with emails in our day-to-day life. Email is highly popular due to its unmatched features, such as: free, fast, proactive, targeted and easy-to-use. Basically email stands for electronic mail. Emailing is a process of transmission of messages over communication networks. An email message may contain text, images as well as attachments which is sent through a network to a specified individual or a group of individuals.
The primary needs of an email are: email client and internet connection. An email client is an email program that allows users to send and receive email messages using the internet connection. There are many email clients available in the market which are best for emailing purpose. These programs are highly supported with all popular operating systems, such as: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q. What are MBOX files? What to do for Switching from one email client to another?

Ans.An MBOX file is an email storage format which is used to organize email messages in a single text file. This file format has a different structure in which the messages are saved in a concatenated format, i.e. each message is stored after another. First an MBOX file was only used by Unix hosts, but now it can be supported by many email client programs, including Eudora and AppleMail. Due to having a specific file format, the MBOX files can only be opened in those email clients which can identify MBOX format, such as: Thunderbird, Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, AppleMail, Netscape, Incredimail, ClawsMail, OperaMail, MozillaMail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, etc.
Most of the email users often switch from one email client to another one. There could be many reasons for this, such as:

  • If you join a new organization where you are asked to use a new email client, for example: MS Outlook. But in your previous organization, you were using AppleMail on Mac OS.
  • If you were previously using Mozilla ThunderBird, but now you want to use MS Outlook as it has more attaractive features that ThunderBird.

Now one question will surely come into your mind: What to do for switching from AppleMail or Mozilla ThunderBird to MS Outlook (for Windows)?
Switching from one email client to another may cause loss of access to your older but crucial emails. If you are switching from AppleMail or Mozialla ThunderBird to MS Outlook, you need to import all the mailbox data from your older email client to the newer one. Either you were using AppleMail or Mozilla ThunderBird, all your mailbox data were stored into an MBOX file. Unluckily, MS Outlook does not support MBOX format. Therefore you cannot import or migrate the MBOX files directly to MS Outlook. In fact, we should never try to do that manually as it may harm or damage the original MBOX files.

Q.How to import MBOX files to MS Outlook?

Ans. To successfully import an MBOX file to MS Outlook, you need to convert the file into PST format. MS Outlook supports PST or personal storage table for storing emails and other mailbox data. To access the emails or any type of mailbox data in Outlook, the file must be in PST format. The MBOX to PST conversion process should only be performed with an excellent and reliable converter tool. Try advanced MBOX to PST Converter tool for converting the MBOX files into PST and other popular email formats, such as: EML, MSG, RTF and HTML.

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Online Demo

The live demo of MBOX Converter Tool is given below. You can watch it online for better user-understanding.

Evaluate via Demo trial

Free demo version of MBOX to PST Converter to examine and evaluate the features of software. The Demo version of software saves software will convert only 25 emails per MBOX file. In order to get the full feature software you can purchase full version of software. 

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